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GeoMemories: A Spatial-Temporal Atlas of the Italian Landscape

We present an interactive Web 2.0 application that is being developed with the aim of showing the evolution of the Italian landscape through an important historical archive of aerial photographs.

The AeroFototeca Nazionale (AFN) of the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage in Rome maintains an extensive set of some million aerial photographs constituting an important memory archive of the Italian territory throughout the 20th century. This huge archive provides a picture of Italy as it was 70 years ago and during its transformation by the post-war reconstruction and the economic boom, and also by natural disasters such as severe earthquakes and floods.



Autori esterni: Elizabeth Jane Shepherd (ICCD)
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Tipo: Articoli su riviste internazionali senza referee
Area di disciplina: Computer Science & Engineering
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Attività: Social and Semantic Web
Digital Humanities