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GLObal Semantic System (GLOSS)

Contraente: Regione Toscana

Tipo: Contratto di collaborazione

Web Applications for the Future Internet

GLOSS will be a system that will allow the targeted research and knowledge sharing on topics of interest to the Civil Protection. The project will use advanced technologies for the multilingual access to the information, by combining the latest developments in Text Mining (TM), Acquisition of Knowledge ((KE), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Semantic Interpretation (SI).

The access to the information will be done through a friendly cross-lingual interface that will allow researchs on a variety of data from different sources in different languages.

The navigation of the information will be easy to read with functional info (who does what), temporal info (when), geographical info (where).

This will be possible through the creation of a customizable ontology (content and management tools) that will be connected to WordNet of different languages (lexical databases with semantic informations) and Google Earth as a charting engine. Will be designed and developed a set of new agents for the extraction of knowledge (TEA - Terminology extraction Agent, FEA - Fact Extraction Agent e GEA – Georeference Extraction Agent). The extraction of text, facts and geographical references will be made through a chain of linguistic, semantic, statistical and cartographic processors who share a common knowledge base, wich will be designed and developed as a domain ontology to ensure a uniform layer of interpretation for the various information sources, locations and languages.



Partecipanti Esterni: Roberto Bartolini (ILC), Remo Raffaelli (Synthema), Enrico Parenti (Genesy)
Dal 20/10/2010 al 19/11/2012