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Realizzazione di un' applicazione per l’incremento della sicurezza dei dispositivi mobili

Abstract:Usually, operative systems in mobile devices do not offer native security solutions to protect sensible data of the users. To this aim, we show the development of an application for improving the security of mobile devices. This paper presents Data Defender, a security multiplatform application for PDAs and smartphones which improves the security of user data, like agendas, address books, personal contacts and files, by using criptographic techniques. Data Defender allows the creation of private areas and the capability to send/receive chiphered messages to/from mobile devices.


Autori: Falleni A., Martinelli F., Vallati C.
Autori IIT:

Alessandro Falleni

Foto di Alessandro Falleni

Tipo: B4 Note interne
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT B4-05/2006
Nota interna IIT - 2006-B4-05
File: 2006-B4-05.pdf

Attività: Sicurezza di dispositivi mobili