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Http Request Scheduler

In the last years, the Web has reshaped around the concept of offer and ask for web services, creating a big distributed system of which these services are the main bricks. This study has the purpose to put in the world of web services a particular component, an HTTP request scheduling service, which can be instructed through a SOAP or REST interface to query or control other services through HTTP at an established time. Cron and other desktop schedulers' power can be exploited to offer new kind of services, leading to new possibilities: to save histories with the first pages of a newspaper, to perform resource-tracking activities, to save different frames taken periodically by a site that manages a webcam, to activate and deactivate other services at a given time. We outlined the architecture of an HTTP Request Scheduler (HRS), implemented a working prototype in Java using the Quartz scheduling framework, and also defined a specific XML language to instruct the component.


Autori IIT:

Francesco Ronzano

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Tipo: B4 Note interne
Area di disciplina: Information Technology and Communication Systems
IIT B4-01/2010

File: b4-01-2010.pdf

Attività: Multilingual Web