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InterOmics - Development of an integrated platform for the application of "omic" sciences to biomarker definition and theranostic, predictive and diagnostic profiles

Due to the success of the sequencing projects of various species (in increasing numbers over time), a large proportion of genomic and proteomic data are the primary form of sequences (DNA, amino a

RepeatALS - Genome-wide analysis of DNA tandem repeats in ALS: the role of Repeatome

  • Performing a comprehensive genome-wide study of TRPs in all gene regions. Different tools and approaches will be utilized in order identify the largest number of polymorphic TRs.

The isolation and validation of miRNA/mRNA complexes to identify genes and pathways targeted by tumor suppressor miRNAs in prostate cancer cells

The challenge of the project is to discover through which mechanisms two tumor suppressor miRNAs control cell proliferation and survival pathways.

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali prima del 01/01/2016

A Fast and Accurate Heuristic for the Single Individual SNP Haplotyping Problem with Many Gaps, High Reading Error Rate and Low Coverage

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali dal 01/01/2016

Activation of the interferon type I response rather than autophagy contributes to myogenesis inhibition in congenital DM1 myoblasts

Characterization of pUL5, an HCMV protein interacting with the cellular protein IQGAP1

Circulating microRNA profiling in serum of pediatric patients with heart failure submitted to VAD implant

Discovering the miR-26a-5p Targetome in Prostate Cancer Cells

Genome-wide identification of actionable copy number alterations from targeted sequencing panels with Excavator2

Integrative analysis of differentially expressed genes and miRNAs predicts complex T3-mediated protective circuits in a rat model of cardiac ischemia reperfusion

Nanopore sequencing data analysis: state of the art, applications and challenges

The creation and selection of mutations resistant to a gene drive over multiple generations in the malaria mosquito

Using XCAVATOR and EXCAVATOR2 to Identify CNVs from WGS, WES, and TS Data


Studio di algoritmi per l'identificazione di regolarita' nelle sequenze di DNA