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Internet of Things (IoT)


EIT Digital projects (EIT ICT Labs)

Il progetto sviluppa soluzioni di innovazione partendo da risultati di ricerca nei settori e-Health, IoT, Future Network Solutions.

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali prima del 01/01/2016

The Internet of Things vision: Key features, applications and open issues

Pubblicazioni e prodotti editoriali dal 01/01/2016

Accuracy vs. traffic trade-off of Learning IoT Data Patterns at the Edge with Hypothesis Transfer Learning

A Decentralized Framework for Serverless Edge Computing in the Internet of Things

An example of smartphone Bluetooth Low Energy access control system

Breaking Interaction Barriers: Monitoring Elderly in Natural Settings Exploiting Everyday Objects

How to footprint, report and remotely secure compromised IoT devices

IEEE Access Special Section Editorial: Wirelessly Powered Networks: Algorithms, Applications, and Technologies

Implementing Usage Control in Internet of Things: A Smart Home Use Case

Improving MQTT by Inclusion of Usage Control

Introducing Usage Control in MQTT

MobCCN: a CCN-compliant protocol for data collection with opportunistic contacts in IoT environments

RFID sensors and artifact tracking.

Sagishi: an undercover software agent infiltrating IoT botnets

Using IFTTT to Express and Enforce UCON Obligations.

Presentazioni e Demo

APT: MIRAI come caso di studio

MIRAI: la botnet responsabile del più grande attacco DDoS della storia di Internet