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W3C Workshop on the Multilingual Web

Building on the success of the previous event, this workshop will use a similar format to once again bring together speakers and participants with an interest in best practices and standards aimed at helping content creators, localizers, tools developers, and others meet the challenges of the multilingual Web. It provides further opportunities for networking across communities that span the various aspects involved.

While the themes for this workshop remain broad, we are particularly interested in topics that address standards and best practices aimed at development of Content for the Web. This includes creation of content ranging from personal authoring for blogs and social networking sites to development of large corporate or organizational enterprises.

We are particularly interested in speakers who can identify gaps in current standards and best practices related to the mutilingual Web, and propose opportunities for addressing those. The European Commission is interested in these workshops as a means to identify directions for future project work related to the multilingual Web, and as a vehicle for increasing contact and cross-fertilization between experts in this area.

W3C Workshop on the Multilingual Web

Dal 04/04/2011 al 05/04/2011, Area della Ricerca del CNR

Attività: Multilingual Web, Organizzazione di eventi e convegni