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Wireless MIMO channel modeling

Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems have gained increased attention in recent years because of their ability to increase capacity and turn the multipath propagation problem into an advantage for the system. MIMO capacity is dependent on a number of factors and these factors mainly include the availability of the channel state information and the signal to noise ratio of the system. The advantages offered in such systems are associated with the use of multiple antenna elements at the transmitter and receiver and hence the exploitation of the spatial domain. It is of interest to develop new directional 3-dimensional (3D) models for the characterization and description of the spatial domain. In this presentation we therefore aim to discuss 3D Angle of Arrival (AoA) probability models and show how they can be applied in spatial channel modeling. Mixtures probability models and different parameter estimation procedures will be discussed. The mixture concept is used for modeling the existence of multiple clusters of scatterers in the propagation channel. Finally results will be presented on the impact of directional mixture models on the Spatial Correlation (SFC) experienced between adjacent antenna elements.

Dal 20/05/2010-11.00 al 20/05/2010-11.00 , Aula didattica dello IIT (Aula A32 - vicino biblioteca)

Speaker: Konstantinos Mammasis

Responsabile: Paolo Santi

Attività: Algoritmica per reti wireless