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SNSPT 2016: 1st Intl. Summer School on Social Networks Security, Privacy, and Trust

The "2016 International Summer School on Social Networks Security, Privacy, and Trust" (SNSPT) will take place at the University of Padua, Italy from September 4th to September 9th, 2016.

The school aims at bringing together members from the international security research community to debate contemporary issues in the area of privacy, security and trust in Social Networks. The school consists of lectures given by world-leading researchers in this area (see the list of our prestigious speakers below) and of a PhD forum.

SNSPT is supported by Registro.it project MIB, My Information Bubble (mib.projects.iit.cnr.it). The school is organized in conjunction by the University of Padua -- SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group and the National Research Council (CNR) -- IIT “Istituto di Informatica e Telematica”, Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet Group. 

Website: http://spritz.math.unipd.it/events/2016/SNSPT/index.html


Dal 04/09/2016-18.00 al 09/09/2016-18.00 , Math Dept., University of Padua

Unità organizzative partecipanti: IIT-CNR (Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet); Math Dept., University of Padua; Nokia Bell Labs; DTU Compute

Speaker: Alan Mislove (Northeastern), Gene Tsudik (Irvine); Thorsten Strufe (Dresden); N. Asokan (Uni Helsinki); Elena Ferrari (Insubria); Giuseppe Sartori (Uni Padova); Guido Caldarelli (IMT Lucca); Walter Quattrociocchi (IMT Lucca)

Responsabile: Marinella Petrocchi

Attività: Aspetti legali in sicurezza e riservatezza, Bolle dell'informazione e rilevamento di falsi in rete, Social Media Analysis, Social Networking

Note: Co-directors: Mauro Conti (SPRITZ Security and Privacy Research Group, Uni Padova, Padova), Marinella Petrocchi (Secure and Trustworthy Future Internet, IIT-CNR, Pisa)