Pisa, Italy
European Context Awareness and Trust 2009 (EuroCAT09)
3rd Workshop on Combining Context with Trust, Security, and Privacy

9 September 2009, Area della Ricerca CNR, Pisa, Italy

Co-located with EuroPKI 2009 and ISC 2009

Important Dates

  • Paper submission
    22nd June 2009
  • Notification:
    27th July 2009
  • Final version due:
    3rd September 2009
  • Workshop:
    9th September 2009

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Proceedings and slides now available

Proc. of the European Context Awareness and Trust 2009 (EuroCAT09),

3rd Workshop on Combining Context with Trust, Security, and Privacy,

G. Lenzini and M. Petrocchi (eds.), CEUR Workshop Proceedings, vol. 504, 2009. (ISSN 1613-0073).

The slides of the talks are available under the programme page.


EuroCAT09, is an European event that follows the Context-Aware and Trust initiatives that have been running in the past years. EuroCAT09 will offer scientists and engineers that are active in the areas of context-awareness and of security, privacy, and trust the opportunity to sit together and to discuss the state of the art, to identify open and emerging problems, to share research experiences, and to propose future research directions.

We encourage the participation of researchers from both the academia and the industry with a background in computer science and engineering, as well as in social sciences and behavioural sciences.


Context awareness --that is the quality of being aware of the physical/virtual environment or the circumstances that characterize a a situation or an entity-- can intelligently guide the success or the development of an activity. It has be integrated in the design of innovative user interfaces, as a part of ubiquitous and wearable computing, and in hybrid search engines. Context can affect a decision to trust as well as the insurance of security, and the control of privacy. For example, new threats against security, privacy, and trust go along with context-awareness. In the same time, the availability of context information also offers new opportunities to establish, to enhance, and to manage trust, privacy, and security. Moreover, the location of a user can have impact on which services or content are provided to the user, while alternatively, the user's current role or social context can determine the degree of trust others establish towards the user. Until now the interdependencies between context-awareness on one side, and trust, privacy, and security on the other, still require to be completely studied.