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IIT Rende “Taxonomies, Thesauri and Classification Systems” Group

The Institute of Informatics and Telematics, Rende (CS), was established in March 2013.

Web Applications for the Future Internet

Web has revolutionized our society, creating new challenges and opportunities by making information available to wider sectors of the population than ever before.


Actions on the Electronic Health Record


Healthcare and wellbeing

R&T customed eHealth and wellbeing


Marina Buzzi

Foto di Marina Buzzi


Dedalus SPA

Established in Florence in 1990, Dedalus Spa is today at the head of a leading national healthcare software industrial Group, with many important roles in all public and private health market


PiCS - Piattaforme Cloud Sicure per applicazioni critiche: il caso del Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico

The project aims to study and develop a cloud solution based on open source tools for the execution of a platform supporting interoperabi

Vita Nova

Vita Nova: an adaptive service to reduce cardiovascular and metabolic risk in women in pre-menopause and

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

A proposed ASD-CENTRIC collaborative treatment environment: the underlying role of virtual care teams

D10.4a/b– Subset di terminologia specialistica inerente le malattie rare e croniche invalidanti e Thesaurus delle malattie rare e malattie croniche invalidanti

Enhancing Collaboration in ASD-Centric Treatment Environments: A Proposed Architecture

Federation and security aspects for the management of the EHR in Italy

Il Fascicolo Sanitario Elettronico - Infrastruttura tecnologica e codifica dei dati - L'identita' federata

Italian Electronic Health Record: a proposal of a Federated Authentication and Authorization Infrastructure

Pervasive communications in healthcare

Studio per l’integrazione delle componenti InFSE nell’infrastruttura SPC delle Regioni

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

Towards the Insurance of Healthcare Systems