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Social Network Analysis


Maurizio Tesconi

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EU Project - Collaborative information, Acquisition, Processing, Exploitation and Reporting for the prevention of organised crime (CAPER)

Organised crime use information technology systems to communicate, work or expand their influence. Current tools for the fight against organised crime have shown their limits and reflect the need to develop a scalable tool to track them more efficiently.

CAPER ’s objective is to build a common collaborative and information sharing platform for the detection and prevention of organised crime exploiting Open Source Intelligence. State intelligence agencies are becoming more inclined to use Open Source Intelligence (OSI), and particularly tools typically associated with the Social or Semantic Web.

The analysis modules built in the CAPERproject will also give new value to existing intelligence through image, video, speech and biometric analysis.

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

A New Framework for Distilling Higher Quality Information from Health Data via Social Network Analysis

CAPER: Crawling and Analysing Facebook for Intelligence Purposes

Distributed protocols for Ego Betweenness Centrality computation in DOSNs

Fast exact and approximate computation of betweenness centrality in social networks

SocialTrends: A Web Application for Social Media Monitoring

Towards a Characterization of Egocentric Networks in Online Social Networks

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

An Exploration of Collaborative Scientific Production at MIT through Spatial Organization and Institutional Affiliation

Quantifying segregation in an integrated urban physical-social space