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Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

A framework to evaluate information quality in Public Administration websites

Analysis of Internet Diffusion in Italy by means of domain names among firms, associations and individuals

Analysis of the Internet diffusion in the non-profit sector: the social digital divide in Italy

Determinants of Digital Divide among Italian provinces. Generational and Gender Digital Divide in Italy

Digital divide analysis in the Italian firms by using domain names

Digital Divide and Internet diffusion in Italy among firms

Digital Divide in Italy among individuals by using endogenous metrics


E-adoption in Italy among firms using domain names

E-adoption: Italian case study

E-procurement adoption among Italian firms by using domain names

E-procurement, adoption in the non profit sector by using endogenous metrics

Framework to evaluate internet use and digital divide in firms

Il DNS .it: la "qualità" prima di tutto

Il dominio di dns.nic.it

Il modello brasiliano di governance di Internet

Internet Diffusion Among Italian Firms: Key Factors Determining the Digital Divide

Internet Diffusion Among Italian Firms: The Digital Divide Exists

Internet Diffusion in Italy among individuals using domain names

Internet Diffusion in the Italian No-Profit Sector using Domain Names

La metodologia dello studio sulla diffusione di Internet in Italia

Studio della Diffusione di Internet in Italia attraverso l'uso dei nomi a dominio

The impact of Internet Diffusion among Italian Firms

The “.it” Domain Market: Determinants of Digital Divide in Italy

The IT registrar market

uno studio del Cnr mostra il digital divide

Using domains indicators of the diffusion of the Internet

Presentations and Demos

Internet diffusione studies: 3rd CENTR Marketing Workshop

The Italian contribution to the evolution of the Internet - Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 16 November 2014