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Internet of Things


Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) vision entails the integration within the Internet of billions of objects and artefacts with communication and computing capabilities.


Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses radio waves to permit the automatic identification of objects, people and animals.

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

DocSearch: UHF RFID Technology for Document Localization

On the Interplay Between RPL and Address Auto configuration Protocols in Low-Power and Lossy Networks (LLNs)

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

A distributed data management scheme for industrial IoT environments.

An Architecture for Distributing and
 Enforcing IoT Security at the Network Edge

BDP-CoAP: Leveraging Bandwidth-Delay Product for Congestion Control in CoAP

Combining Internet of Things and Crowdsourcing for Pervasive Research and End-user Centric Experimental Infrastructures (IoT Lab).

Comparison of CoAP and CoCoA+ Congestion Control Mechanisms for Different IoT Application Scenarios

Design and Evaluation of a Rate-Based Congestion Control Mechanism in CoAP for IoT Applications

Design and Implementation of a COAP-Based Broker for Heterogenous M2M Applications

Distributed Path Reconfiguration and Data Forwarding in Industrial IoT Networks

Emerging Trends in Hybrid Wireless Communication and Data Management for the Industry 4.0

Enforcing Security in IoT and Home Networks

Enhancing Usage Control for Performance: An Architecture for Systems of Systems

Enhancing Usage Control for Performance: A Proposal for Systems of Systems

Europe and the Future for WPT : European Contributions to Wireless Power Transfer Technology

Internet of Things: Research challenges and Solutions

Internet of Things: Social and legal issues

Maximizing Industrial IoT Network Lifetime under Latency Constraints through Edge Data Distribution

Mobile edge clouds for Information-Centric IoT services

Next generation IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks: Current status, future directions and open challenges

Performance Analysis of Latency-Aware Data Management in Industrial IoT Networks

RTT-based Congestion Control for the Internet of Things

Self-optimising Decentralised Service Placement in Heterogeneous Cloud Federation

Smart Data DIstribution in Industrial Manufacturing

Smart Data DIstribution in Industrial Manufacturing