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ICT for Health, care and well-being

Pervasive ICT technologies, supported by a great diffusion of wearable and mobile devices, offer unprecedented possibilities in monitoring both the health status and general well-being conditions o

Organizationf of training courses and seminars

The Institute contributes significantly to the training of highly qualified professionals.


EU project - ANIKETOS Secure and Trustworthy Composite Servic

The Future Internet will provide an environment in which a diverse range of services are offered by a diverse range of suppliers, and users are likely to unknowingly invoke underlying services in

EU project - BIOlogically-inspired autonomic NETworks and Services (BIONETS)

The motivation for BIONETS comes from emerging trends towards pervasive computing and communication environments, where myriads of networked devices with very different features will enhance our five senses, our communication and tool manipulation capabilities. The complexity of such environments will not be far from that of biological organisms, ecosystems, and socio-economic communities.

EU project - Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software (NESSoS)

The Network of Excellence on Engineering Secure Future Internet Software Services and Systems (NESSoS) aims at constituting and integrating a long lasting research community on engineering secure s

EU project - Security of Software Services of Mobile Systems (S3MS)

The objective of S3MS is to create a framework and a technological solution for trusted deployment and execution of communicating mobile applications in heterogeneous environments. S3MS would enable the opening of the software market of nomadic devices (from smart phones to PDA) to trusted third party applications beyond the sandbox model, without the burden of roaming trust infrastructure but without compromising security and privacy requirements. A contract-based security mechanism will lie at the core of the framework. A contract is a claim

EU project - Trust and Security for Next Generations Grids (GRIDTRUST)


Italian Electronic Health Records Infrastructure

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CNR activities within the ICT sector: international relationships

La tavola rotonda di Società Internet: "Le evoluzioni tecnologiche di Internet: la ricerca come traino per la realizzazione della Società dell’Informazione"