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Formal Methods


Formal methods for security analysis of ICT systems

This line of research includes the design and the development of models, methodologies and tools for the analysis, verification, and simulation of the security and trust properties of complex commu


Fabio Martinelli

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Ilaria Matteucci

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Marinella Petrocchi

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IMT Institute for Advanced Studies Lucca

Marinella Petrocchi collaborates with the SYSMA group @ IMT Lucca on formal specification and analysis of Social Networks, focusing on trust and reputation issues + confinement of web informat


MIUR-PRIN TENACE: Protecting National Critical Infrastructures from Cyber Threats (PRIN-20103P34XC)

The TENACE project will investigate the protection of national critical infrastructures from cyber threats following a collaborative approach whenever appropriate.

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

A tool for the synthesis of cryptographic orchestrators

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

Formal Methods Meet Mobile Code Obfuscation

Identifying Mobile Repackaged Applications through Formal Methods

On the Abstraction of a Categorical Clustering Algorithm

Privacy-aware Data Sharing in a Tree-based Categorical Clustering Algorithm

Talos: No more Ransomware Victims with Formal Methods

Twinkle Twinkle Little DroidDream, How I Wonder What You Are?