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usage control

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

Architecture, Workflows, and Prototype for Stateful Data Usage Control in Cloud

A Survey of Usage Control in Computer Security

Continuous Authorizations in SIP with Usage Control

Cost-Effective Enforcement of Access and Usage Control Policies under Uncertainties

Distributed Authorization System with Mobile Usage Control Policies

Jalapa, securing Java with local policies: tool demonstration.

Stateful Usage Control for Android Mobile Devices

Testing of PolPA Authorization Systems

The CONTRAIL Approach to Cloud Federation

Time-continuous Authorization of Network Resources based on Usage Control

Usage Control in Cloud Federations

Usage control in SIP-based multimedia delivery

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

Concurrent History-based Usage Control Policies

Enforcement of U-XACML History-Based Usage Control Policy

Enhancing Android Permission through Usage Control: A BYOD Use-Case

Enhancing Usage Control for Performance: An Architecture for Systems of Systems

Enhancing Usage Control for Performance: A Proposal for Systems of Systems

Enhancing Video Surveillance with Usage Control and Privacy-Preserving Solutions

Implementing Usage Control in Internet of Things: A Smart Home Use Case

Improving MQTT by Inclusion of Usage Control

Introducing Usage Control in MQTT

Smart Parental Advisory: A Usage Control and Deep Learning-Based Framework for Dynamic Parental Control on Smart TV

Stateful Data Usage Control for Android Mobile Devices

Too Long, did not Enforce: A Qualitative Hierarchical Risk-Aware Data Usage Control Model for Complex Policies in Distributed Environments

Towards a Declarative Approach to Stateful and Stateless Usage Control for Data Protection

Towards a Usage Control based Video Surveillance Framework

Usage Control on Cloud Systems