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Social Media Analysis

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Web Applications for the Future Internet

Web has revolutionized our society, creating new challenges and opportunities by making information available to wider sectors of the population than ever before.


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Università La Sapienza -Roma-



EU project - Computer Assisted Solutions for Studying the Availability aNd Distribution of novel psychoactive Substances (CASSANDRA)

SoS - Social Sensing

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

Social Sensing: using Social Media for an Early Warning system

Publications and editorial products from the 01/01/2016

A Decade of Social Bot Detection

A framework for detecting unfolding emergencies using humans as sensors

A Survey on Computational Propaganda Detection

#BDST: Bot Detection Support Tool for human annotators of Twitter data

Characterizing Social Bots Spreading Financial Disinformation

CrisMap: a Big Data Crisis Mapping System Based on Damage Detection and Geoparsing

Cross-Media Learning for Image Sentiment Analysis in the Wild

Emergent properties, models and laws of behavioral similarities within groups of Twitter users

Exploiting digital DNA for the analysis of similarities in Twitter behaviours

Exploring the relation between festivals and host cities on Twitter: a study on the impacts of Lucca Comics & Games

$FAKE: Evidence of spam and bot activity in stock microblogs on Twitter

Fake people. Storie di social bot e bugiardi digitali

From Reaction to Proaction: Unexplored Ways to the Detection of Evolving Spambots

Geo-Semantic-Parsing: AI-powered geoparsing by traversing semantic knowledge graphs

GSP (Geo-Semantic-Parsing): Geoparsing and Geotagging with Machine Learning on top of Linked Data

Harnessing the Social Sensing revolution - Challenges and Opportunities

I Big Data nella ricerca politica e sociale

Il fenomeno dei Fake Follower in Twitter

Impromptu crisis mapping to prioritize emergency response

Measuring objective and subjective well-being: Dimensions and data sources

Nowcasting of Earthquake Consequences Using Big Social Data

On the capability of evolved spambots to evade detection via genetic engineering

Overview of the EVALITA 2018 Hate Speech Detection Task

Predictability or Early Warning: Using Social Media in Modern Emergency Response

Real-World Witness Detection in Social Media via Hybrid Crowdsensing

Semi-supervised knowledge extraction for detection of drugs and their effects

(So) Big Data and the transformation of the city

Social Fingerprinting: detection of spambot groups through DNA-inspired behavioral modeling

Spotting the diffusion of New Psychoactive Substances over the Internet

The limited reach of fake news on Twitter during 2019 European elections

Towards better social crisis data with HERMES: Hybrid sensing for EmeRgency ManagEment System

#tweeTag: a web‐based annotation tool for Twitter data