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Web Applications for the Future Internet

Web has revolutionized our society, creating new challenges and opportunities by making information available to wider sectors of the population than ever before.

This research group  studies web evolution and its technology in all its forms: guidelines, recommendations, software and tools. Emphasis is on the application component of the research, which aims to investigate problems, identify the best technological solutions, and design and develop software tools and user interfaces that are easy to use for everyone.

Research interests include:

  • Construction and visualization of Linked Data;
  • Promotion of cultural heritage through the web;  
  • Statistical analysis of trends and social networks;
  • Techniques of extraction, manipulation and visualization of big data;
  • eGovernment services, focusing on the aspects of Quality of Service (QoS) and interoperability;
  • Development of interfaces and applications allowing greater accessibility for users with disabilities, and
  • Healthcare and WellBeing.