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Ubiquitous Internet


The Ubiquitous Internet research group investigates, develops and prototypes innovative solutions for the ubiquitous Future Internet, the next generation Internet that will enable the access to its services anytime, anywhere and without any pre-existing network infrastructure. The application fields in which we apply our solutions are many and they range from the Smart Cities to Intelligent Transportation Systems, and from systems for the healthcare and the environmental protection to Smart Grids. All these application areas are concrete examples of the so-called Cyber-Physical Convergence, in which real-world components interact with cyberspace via sensing, computing and communication elements. In this perspective, our research is focused on architecture and protocols for self-organizing wireless networks (opportunistic networks, vehicular networks, sensor networks) that exploit the emerging paradigms of the “Internet of Things” and (online/mobile) Social Networks to establish a close interaction between the smart objects in the physical world and the cyber applications and services. In addition, the group develops networking technologies for the monitoring and control of complex systems such as Smart Grids, and advanced eHealth applications. Finally, the group deals with the study of the structural characteristics of dynamic complex networks, which also includes modelling tools for the characterization of the Internet topology and Big Data analytics.