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Wireless network algorithms

This activity is aimed at investigating, both analytically and through simulation, some fundamental properties of wireless multihop networks such as connectivity, radio interference, network lifetime, node spatial distribution in presence of mobility, safety-critical message propagation in vehicular networks, and so on. The general approach to study these problems is defining simplified -- yet detailed enough to capture the most relevant features of real networks -- models, which are then used to analytically study the fundamental tradeoffs involved in the considered network properties. Among the obtained results, we mention: analysis of the dynamics of information propagation in opportunistic networks, accounting also for the presence of non-cooperative nodes; analysis of safety-critical message propagation in vehicular networks; design of efficient P2P protocols for community wireless mesh networks; analysis and design of scheduling algorithms based on accurate radio interference models; analysis, design, and implementation of a framework for optimizing transport capacity in wireless MIMO networks.

Recently a new activity on smart mobility has been started. This activity is aimed at understanding how communication and information technology, and concomitant advances in automotive technology such as self-driving vehicles, can be exploited to provide breakthrough improvements in urban mobility. In particular, we investigate benefits provided by the "sharing economy" in urban transportation, considering both ride sharing, vehicle sharing, and their combination. This activity is undertaken in close cooperation with the Senseable City Lab at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by Carlo Ratti. In July 2014 Dr Paolo Santi has been entitled as the leader of the newborn Ambient Mobility Lab, a joint initiative between the Senseable City Lab at MIT and the Mobility Innovation Lab at the Fraunhofer Institute for Industrial Engineering IAO.

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Research theme: Algorithms and Computational Mathematics

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