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The information accessed by search engines represents the tip of the iceberg if compared to the whole amount of information stored in all the current relational databases (deep Web). The intrinsic idea of the Semantic Web considers the Web as being an access point to these databases.

As to exploit this huge quantity of information, we would need to use software agents, able to interpret and filter the data according to the actual users’ research needs. In order to do that, the Web pages should be associated to meaning (semantic). In Tim Berners Lee’s opinion, in the next future a new parallel Web will be designed for software agents, and will coexist with the current Web designed for humans. In this new kind of Web the presence of different ontologies will be fundamental.

The ontology population is quite a complex task and therefore it requires a huge effort, on the other hand the social Web has highlighted that, by using easy user interfaces and strong motivations, the Internet community can cooperatively build new resources that only a few years ago were unforeseeable.

In this research activity our contribution will aim to develop new applications (cooperative editors) and new semantic resources (tagpedia) created in a social way and/or derived by preexistent resources.


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