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SECure Domain Name System - DNSSEC

Study and trial of protocols and technologies for the Secure Domain Name System service (DNSSEC). The current DNSSEC specifications, as defined by the IETF, will be analyzed and evaluated. Its current implementations will be tested. The test and development environment will be based on the information contained in the domain names iit.cnr.it (of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of Pisa) and issia.cnr.it (of the Institute of Intelligent Systems for Automation of Bari). This is in order to possibly extend the trial to other CNR Institutes and analyze, later on, the possibilities and consequences deriving from the adoption and subsequent production of such technology.


Andrea Vivaldi

Foto di Andrea Vivaldi
External Partecipants: Claudio Marotta (IIT), Massimo Ianigro (ISSIA)