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Radio-frequency identification (RFID) uses radio waves to permit the automatic identification of objects, people and animals. It consists of two components, readers and tags; the tags store information that can be retrieved by readers. Tags may be passive, active (battery-powered) or semi-active. Passive tags are especially convenient since they are small, cheap and potentially can last infinitely.
In the future each object will have an address and will be connected to the networks, building the Internet of Things. This scenario, tank to the RFID unique identification and to wireless network connection enables a range of new applications in several applicative and knowledge fields.
At the moment the IIT activity focuses on the UHF RFID technology in three directions:

  • DocSearch Project. Feasibility study to utilize UHF RFID to identify and search documents.
  • Inventory of goods. Every IIT items is tagged with a passive UHF RFID tag and its unique id is store in the database of IIT goods.
  • Feasibility of using UHF RFID technology for identification of people by inserting a passive tag in a badge, creating a kind of "intelligent badge”, and possible applicative scenarios.