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Registrar Operations and Services Unit: Management of operational, verification, correspondence and hard copy archive activities

Activities are aimed mainly at the Registrars, the Registrants and the other Units of the .it Registry to perform operations of verification, inspection of the accuracy of data present in the .it Registry Database, cancellations, reassignments, revocations and registration of reserved domain names and certain categories. Correspondence and the relative incoming and outgoing protocols of the .it Registry and its paper archives are also managed. The main jurisdictional activities include:

  • Management of the operations indicated in the Guidelines Regulations, for which it is necessary to use specific hard copy forms, related to registration, reassignment, maintenance and verification of domain names registered in the .it CCTLD;
  • Verification, through actions that are also proactive with regards to the Registrars and Registrants, aimed at the maintenance of an adequate level of accuracy pertaining to Registrants of domain names present in the .it Registry Database;
  • Support to the Disputes and Legal Affairs Unit for the preparation of reports and copies of documents and acts to supply information regarding verification operations and variations of status performed on domain names;
  • Suspension and/or cancellation of domain names following procedures of reassignment or requests sent to the .it Registry by the competent authorities (activities performed also in collaboration with the Disputes and Legal Affairs Unit);
  • Management of requests for the cancellation of domain names subject to active opposition, sent by the Registrant to the .it Registry;
  • Verification and control of the correct use by the Registrars of several status levels that characterise the single domain names;
  • Management through CNR protocol of the documents sent to the .it Registry and the outgoing correspondence produced by the unit;
  • Management of the paper archives of the .it Registry, both relative to documents archived at the head office of the .it Registry and for those entrusted to management by an outside company;

Management of documentation requests sent to the .it Registry by the Competent Authorities or by Registrants of domain names.