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Registrar Operations and Services Unit: customer care, problem-solving, interface with Registrars

Activities are aimed mainly at customers of the .it Registry (Registrars) but also at Registrants for the management of reports relative to the presumed violation of contractual obligations included in the Registry-Registrar service contract. The main activities include:

  • Management of customer care service for the Registrars for the resolution of problems connected to any activities of registration and maintenance of .it domain names through the use of special and specific digital, telephone and paper instruments;
  • Management of the telephone help desk service dedicated to Registrars for those areas of jurisdiction of the Registrar Operations and Services Unit;
  • Management of the telephone and email help desk dedicated to the end user for all problems related to registration and maintenance of .it domain names;
  • Management through the OTRS platform ("trouble-ticketing" service) of emails sent to the hostmaster@registro.it and info@registro.it addresses;
  • Management of the Registrant customer care service for the resolution of problems connected to the issue and management of the Authinfo code and other issues connected to the contractual obligations of the Registrars;
  • Analysis and management of all those situations and problems which by their critical nature require specific and special management outside the normal user support channels;
  • Proactive interaction with the Registrars for the identification and interception of their needs so as to propose inside the Registry itself the evaluation and adoption of advanced solutions to guarantee an efficient and effective service level;
  • Planning and organisation of specific meetings with the Registrars;
  • Support to the Disputes and Legal Affairs Unit for the preparation of reports relative to operations and the status of interventions on domain names.