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Organizationf of training courses and seminars

The Institute contributes significantly to the training of highly qualified professionals. The training of IIT is wide ranging and it involves graduates at various levels, technicians, postdocs, and end-users of the Internet. The activity consists in planning and organizing training courses and seminars mainly in issues related to the Information and Communication Technologies and beyond. The activity is carried out in the following areas:

- Training courses and seminars for CNR personnel: 

they are organized for CNR personnel (belonging to Institutes of the CNR Research Area in Pisa, CNR administrators for ICT infrastructures) and for IIT CNR internal staff (belonging to research groups and technological services) mainly in the themes of ICT. Topics include:

  • Document management: from the CNR informatic protocol to digital archives
  • CNR Human Resources management: shift work, overtime, bonuses, calls out of hours
  • Photoshop e Adobe InDesign
  • Web Technologies
  • Systems administration
  • Administration of CNR ICT infrastructures
  • English language for Registry .it and IIT personnel  
  • French language for Registry .it and IIT personnel  
  • Internet basics: from architecture to applications
  • Excel 2003
  • Word 2003
  • AutoCAD 2002

- Training and specialization courses in foreign languages ​​for Registry .it personnel:

they have been organized by the Scientific Secretariat since 2003 to improve the knowledge and use of foreign languages ​​(English and French) by the personnel working in the Registry .it who work and interact with registrars and foreign Internet providers. The courses are aimed at developing listening and speaking and writing skills for help desk operators and at translation and reviewing of technical, legal and administrative documentation. Yearly, about 25courses of different types are organized

- ERCIM Fellowship programmes:

ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics, offers fellowships for PhD holders from all over the world. Topics cover most disciplines in Computer Science, Information technologies and Applied Mathematics. Fellows are hosted in leading European Research Institutes including IIT CNR. In hosting the fellows for periods of 12 months, IIT enables young foreign researchers to enhance their scientific skills and experience in the various research fields of the Institute.



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