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Legal and Contractual Unit: Legal activities

In the area of legal claims and disputes, the Unit is concerned with the study and the preparation of regulatory practices used for the management and resolution of conflicts related to the assignment of domain names in the ccTLD .it registry. Moreover, an essential activity of study is carried out on European Union regulations relating to the information society, and on matters such as the treatment of data, copyright laws, databases, IT contracts, electronic communications, and cyber crimes.

The unit participates - whenever the need arises (for example, with the modification of the system of registration, modifying of articles, and control of specific content, etc.) – to the drafting of Regulations relating to the assignment of domain names, with specific reference to the rules regarding the resolution of disputes and the relationship with the providers of services for the alternative resolution of disputes.

Operationally, as part of the scope of this Unit, all the activities are managed relating to the procedures of opposition that may be submitted to the Registry by any third party for contesting the assignment of domain names to registrants; in these circumstances, a preliminary investigation is carried out to formally check and substantiate the case.  On average, opposition procedures number more than 250 cases per year. Similarly, the procedures of re-assignation are followed, to verify their correctness in terms of the application of the due process and in order to follow up their implementation. Also relevant are the activities carried out in respect of access to data, to documents, and to information relating to the registration and the maintenance of domain names.

The preliminary investigation, aimed at satisfying the requirements of the moment, is made in fulfilment of the provisions contained in law 241/90, of the regulations of the CNR relating to the access to data, and in line with the regulations of the .it Registry.