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Legal and Contractual Unit: contractual issues

In this context, the Unit is concerned with the development of adequate forms of negotiation necessary to support the registration of domain names through the Registrar on behalf of the more than 1,200 users that operate in the Italian Registry. It is the task of the legal and contractual Unit, therefore, to provide an adequate contractual agreement that gives the Registrant guarantees for the proper conduct of the important responsibilities that, through subscription to such an act, are delegated to the Registrar, in accordance with the Regulations, and of the legislative provisions.

In order to offer the clarifications and the support necessary for the Registrar to operate well, through all the stages of the relationship, from the contract proposal, to accreditation, and administrative management, a continuous interaction with the Registrar is provided for through the telephone helpdesk and via email, in order to illustrate the contractual issues with specific reference to matters of the treatment of data, the provision of services, the billing system, and the control and management of advance payments made by the Registrars. In the context of such work, the unit responds to companies on problems resulting from the transformation, merger, cession, and transfer of the company and of the business unit, supporting registered companies to fulfil their obligations in respect to the Registry. Additionally, the requirements related to the termination of contracts, and to the imposition of sanctions for breach of contract, are the responsibility of this Unit.