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Legal and Contractual Unit

The Unit for legal and contractual issues of the .it Registry is concerned with the regulatory and contractual discipline of the .it Registry and to those aspects related to it. It is therefore down to the Legal Unit to prepare and take care of the agreements entered into by the .it Registry and the Registrars, as technical intermediaries in respect to the end user, for providing the service of registering domain names in the ccTLD .it registry. The Unit oversees all the phases of these agreements, from their preliminary formation, their subscription, the management of the related administrative aspects, and all the way up to their termination. In cases of contentions concerning domain names, the Unit issues the request for the activation of procedures for opposition, taking care of all the requirements, in accordance with the Regulatory provisions for the assignment and management of domain names, and for the resolution of disputes. It takes care of the implementation of the procedures for reassignment, and verifies the compliance with the regulations cited.

Additional legal and contractual aspects of the Unit:

  • Directs the procedures relating to applications for accreditation as Suppliers of Services for the extrajudicial settlement of disputes, as bodies accredited by the .it Registry for the out of court resolution of disputes in relation to domain names.
  • Instructs and oversees legal contentions related to the assignment of the above domain names, in collaboration with the CNR and the competent State Attorney.
  • Participates in the meetings of the Legal Working Group of CENTR, the European organisation that supports country code TLD managers, following its work.

The Unit follows the development of national and international legislation regarding domain names, with specific reference to the activities of WIPO-OMPI for ccTLD and gTLD registries, with specific regard to the rights of intellectual and industrial property. It is engaged in training the Registrars on legal aspects relating to e-commerce, the proper treatment of data, the Consumer Code, to the protection of the consumer, and to the Electronic Communications Code. The training activity also covers regulatory and contractual aspects of the ccTLD .it registry, with particular reference to the system of disputes and their resolution, both nationally and internationally.



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