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ISOC Italia - Italy Chapter of the Internet Society

ISOC Italia

ISOC Italia

Società Intenet is the Italy Chapter of the Internet Society and acts primarily at the national level with the aim of spreading the culture of the Internet and of promoting the development of the technology. ISOC's mission is the development and universal dissemination of Internet. For more information browse here http://www.isoc.it

Società Intenet is an association formed by professionals and enthusiasts of the communication network, dedicated to the continuous development of the Internet and the realization of its vast potential.

• ISOC Italy is a not for profit association
• ISOC Italy promotes the knowledge, use and technological, cultural, social and economic development of the Internet in Italy.
• ISOC Italy defends the right of access to the Internet for any person, association or social entity, opposing any form of discrimination in the use and management of the Internet.
• ISOC Italy is the mouthpiece of the interests and needs of the italian Internet users in the  international community and it promotes the use of the Italian language on the Internet.

Società Intenet has been recognized as the Italy Chapter of the Internet Society (ISOC) in June 1999.
President: Stefano Trumpy
Board (2012-2015): Laura Abba (Treasurer), Alessandro Berni, Enzo Fogliani, Stefano Giordano, Joy Marino, Alessandro Nicotra, Remo Tabanelli, Valeria Rossi


Research theme: The Future of Global Internet governance

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