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The activity consists in promoting and supporting the participation of the Institute of Informatics and Telematics of CNR (National Research Council) to ICT international scientific bodies and in providing scientific and technical support to the development of international activities and projects of scientific cooperation carried out by the Institute.

Adriana Lazzaroni is IIT Contact Point for International Relations (PO IIT no. 4/2009) with particular reference to EU projects, CNR international activities, European Science Foundation programs, bilateral scientific agreements and Short term Mobility programmes.

- She is the scientific coordinator of the Memorandum of Understanding (n. 4348 of June 5, 2014) signed between IIT-CNR and the Italian Chamber of Commerce in the United Arab Emirates (IICUAE) for the realization of joint projects and dissemination initiatives in the field of Internet Eco- System, Internet Governance, Cybersecurity, Privacy and Trust.

- She is head of the scientific Secretariat of the European Forum for Information and Communication Sciences and Technologies (EFICST) and of the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Telematics (ERICIM AISBL), providing support to the Presidency for all activities of the above European scientific organizations.

- She is the CNR representative within the Human Capital Task Group of ERCIM AISBL, the international working group in charge of mapping out the future strategies in the field of mobility of researchers in Europe, of post-doc european exchange programmes (Alain Bensoussan Fellowship Programme) and of the assignement of the Cor-Baayen Award awarded each year by ERCIM to a promising young researcher in computer science and applied mathematics..

- In the field of Internet Governance she works for the development of international activities in this field by promoting the role of CNR, which began in the seventies, as promoter of research and experimentation in the field of networks for data transmission.

- She promotes the active participation of IIT CNR to the Internet Governance Forums (IGF) promoted and organized annually by the United Nations to take stock of the key elements of Internet governance in order to promote sustainability, security and stability of the network and to facilitate dialogue between all interested parties (stakeholders) on the development of the Internet system.

- She has provided technical support to the Delegation of the Italian Government in the G8 Internet Working Group, the international working group set up to select and define the main issues related to the development of the Internet to be submitted for discussion at the G8 Summit in Deauville (France) in May 2011.

- She act as liason with the CNR Headquarters for spreading calls and news related to International activities and scientific cooperation.



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    ICANN e il DNS: le nuove prospettive 2019
    Docenza al Master Universitario di II livello in "Internet Ecosystem: Governance e Diritti"- IV EDIZIONE A.A. 2018-2019 - MODULO I Parte III "Internet Governance: modelli e quadro Internazionale" 2019 Adriana Lazzaroni
    Meeting d’indottrinamento/training sul processo di scoring OSRA dell'Agenzia Europea della Difesa (EDA) 2018 Adriana Lazzaroni
    Docenza Master Universitario di II livello in "Internet Ecosystem: Governance e Diritti"- III EDIZIONE 2017-2018 2018 Adriana Lazzaroni
    Docenza Master Universitario di II livello in "Internet Ecosystem: Governance e Diritti"- II EDIZIONE 2016-17 2017 Adriana Lazzaroni
    Aspetti internazionali: la transizione IANA e i TLDs - Meeting annuale del Registro .it, Pisa 15 Dicembre 2015 2015
    MASTER IN INTERNET ECOSYSTEM: GOVERNANCE E DIRITTI Edizione 2015-2016 - Modulo I: Il Modello Multistakeholder della Governance di Internet - Dipartimento di Giurisprudenza dell'UniversitĂ  di Pisa, 5 Dicembre 2015 2015 Adriana Lazzaroni
    The Italian contribution to the evolution of the Internet - Dubai (United Arab Emirates), 16 November 2014 2014
    The Regional Informatics Network for AFrica Project - 1985/2002 2011
    Development of research networks in Africa in the early nineties: the RINAF Project - Nairobi, Kenya 29 settembre 2011 2011
    Regional Informatics Network for Africa (RINAF Project): status and objectives - Eldoret, Kenya, February 1997 1997 Adriana Lazzaroni
    RINAF - Regional Informatics Network for Africa: status and objectives 1997 Adriana Lazzaroni