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IGF Italia 2009

We organized the first IGF Italy in October 2008, and  the second one in October 2009. Before these two meetings, we organized other national meetings about Internet Governance, since 2006, without using the IGF label. The main goals we tried to reach were:

- an impact on the public policy discussions and on national legislation and regulatory process.
Until now we reached a tangible sensitization of all stakeholders involved in IGF process, including government representatives. There is certainly space for further improvements, but the results just reached are appreciable compared with the previous period.

- a stronger relationship and exchange among our national relevant stakeholders.
In the events we just organized we involved different stakeholders in a debate/confrontation. The results is a remarkable development of Internet Governance national debate.


The IGF Italia 2009 took place in Pisa, organized by CNR (our national Research Council) in cooperation with ISOC Italy and W3C Italy.

All the documentation is available (in Italian).

Following 2008 event in Cagliari, Sardinia, the Forum 2009 was  focus on the Future of the Internet Governance and stands in continuity with the strategies of the National Research Council (CNR) ICT Department.

The main aims of the Forum were:

- to establish a permanent process that involves all the Italian stakeholders in a permanent dialogue and analysis of the themes of local Internet Governance; - to discuss and define a common position on the issues (access, openness, diversity, security, critical resources, emerging issues etc) to be dealt at the next international IGF, which will be hosted by the Egyptian Government, in Sharm El Sheikh in November 2009.

In the three days event the working sessions were focused on the following topics:

*  Security and freedom of expression: how to keep the balance?
*  Social networks: what is public, what is private?
*  Copyright: between protection and dissemination of knowledge.
*  Identity Networking: anonymity or recognition?
*  Internet Rights and principles: between globalization and new violations. *  Exchange of experiences and best practices in:
  • Network management: towards what future?
  • Internet and future technologies.
  • Internet and new forms of enterprise.
  • Internet, politics and public administration.
  • Internet, art and culture.


Programm committee

  • Laura Abba (IIT CNR  Pisa)
  • Costantino Ciampi (ITTIG CNR  Firenze)
  • Domenico Laforenza (IIT CNR  Pisa)
  • Antonio Palmieri (Italian Parlament)
  • Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo (IIT CNR  Pisa)
  • Stefano Rodotà (Università La Sapienza Roma)
  • Giuliano Salberini (CNR Roma)
  • Stefano Trumpy (IIT CNR  Pisa)

Organizing committee

  • Laura Abba (CNR IIT)
  • Patrizia Andronico (CNR IIT)
  • Raffaella Casarosa (CNR IIT)
  • Carlo Cosmatos (ISOC Italia)
  • Adriana Lazzaroni (CNR IIT)
  • Francesco Orlando (ISOC Italia)



Research theme: The Future of Global Internet governance


Representative: Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo

Foto di Antonella Giulia Pizzaleo

Representative: Stefano Trumpy

Foto di Stefano Trumpy
External Partecipants: Costantino Ciampi (Direttore dell'Istituto ITTIG CNR di Firenze), Antonio Palmieri (Parlamentare della XVI Leg), Stefano Rodotà (Professore della Università La Sapienza, Roma), Giuliano Salberini (Dirigente del CNR di Roma), Francesco Orlando (ISOC Italia), Carlo Cosmatos (ISOC Italia)
Congress & Events
  • IGF 2009, Area della Ricerca CNR - Auditorium , 05/10/09
Guided tours of the laboratories