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Identity Provider Service for the IIT

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This activity is part of the GARR IDEM (IDEntity Management) project aimed at developing a “Federated authentication and authorization infrastructure” of the GARR network. The Infrastructure enables the staff of the member organizations to access the reserved services (for example: libraries and on line journals) by using a single authentication method. The authentication is made by “single sign on” through the Identity Provider of the organization to which the person belongs. It is therefore necessary to install and configure, at the IIT, an Identity Provider Service. This processes the authentication requests made by the federation and the applicant’s identity, by consulting the Institute staff database based on LDAP. The main activities are as follows:

  • Installation of an Identity Provider service, according to the specification of the IDEM project and interfacing towards LDAP;
  • Verification of the LDAP standard “scheme” and possible extension to meet the requirements of the IDEM project;
  • maintenance of the Identity Provider service.