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ICT for Health, care and well-being

Pervasive ICT technologies, supported by a great diffusion of wearable and mobile devices, offer unprecedented possibilities in monitoring both the health status and general well-being conditions of people. This represents a great research opportunity to design new personalized solutions aimed at improving both the individual and collective Quality of Life. To this aim, we integrate concepts of Personal Area Networks for health monitoring, enhanced by the active participation of the final users, with Online and Mobile Social Network technologies, to highlight the impact of the social dimension on health and well-being solutions. These solutions are designed for both healthy and ill people, trying to improve their empowerment, and giving them the chance to live uncompromised, comfortable, safe, and active in the society (especially for elderly).



Research theme: Ubiquitous Internet


Vincenzo Galella

Foto di Vincenzo Galella

Andrea Galli

Foto di Andrea Galli

Giuseppe Santoro

Foto di Giuseppe Santoro
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