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External Relations, Media, Communication and marketing Unit: divulgation and innovation

The External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing Unit also carries out an important role as concern the divulgation of the .it Registry and the field of innovation. For this reason, three specific projects were bornLudoteca del Registro .itInternet Festival and .itCup, and respectively the first two projects for the divulgation and the last one for the innovation.

The activity of divulgation is principally carried out through the "Ludoteca" of the .it Registry and the Internet Festival:


  • Ludoteca of the .it Registry  

Today children use digital media from an early, even pre-school, age. They learn by experimenting and playing, through trial and error and by making and correcting mistakes.

The .it Registry has kicked-off the Ludoteca .it project to promote communication of the Internet culture in schools, to give children a more complete view of the Internet, and help them in their online journeys, following a narrative thread that helps them understand what the Internet is and how and why to use it.

This project, free for schools, is a training course focusing on the new media, supported by both digital and non-digital learning tools, aimed at ordering, expanding, reinforcing and questioning ideas and knowledge that have been acquired through practical methods.

Ludoteca .it is divided into two intertwined courses. Phase 1.0 is supported by non-digital tools (group games, paper-based materials) whilst phase 2.0 encourages students to create real multimedia content using tablets. The teachers adopt an interactive and informal approach in workshops that are a departure from traditional teaching methods.

The child learns about the Internet and discovers that there are rules to respect and behaviour that should be changed or avoided. The whole class will participate in the group games which aim to make Internet learning fun by playing with basic IT notions, such as the binary counting system or the concept of pixels.

During the lessons the class will be shown episodes of the cartoon series “Navighiamo Sicuri con il Prof. Ittì” (Safe Online Navigating with Professor Ittì) - an original .it Registry production. Each episode series - entirely created and produced by the External Relations, Media and Communications Unit – recounts the adventures of Marco and Sofia who with the help of Professor Ittì learn to defend themselves against Internet and technology risks caused by lack of awareness and understanding.
The project received State recognition through "Patrocinio dell’Autorità Garante per l’Infanzia" (Authority for the Protection of Children).

Since October 2013, Registro.it’s Ludoteca has expanded the courses it offers with a new module for middle schools on informed use of social media.

New workshops arrived in January 2014, entitled “A lesson with Prof. Ittì”, right in Cnr of Pisa’s Research area.

The Web appInternetopoli” was launched in 2015. It’s a tool for teachers and for all educators on the Net. The app, developed in collaboration with Giunti Os, can be downloaded free (at www.internetopoli.it) and offers a multimedia journey to explore the world of the internet, from how it works (data transmission, internet domains) to topics like opportunities, safe surfing and the “internet of things”.

The ‘Let’s Bit’ project got underway in September 2015. It’s a course that aims to spread the culture of the internet and promote informed internet use among the younger generation. This “peer teaching” course is designed for high school students who, after receiving training, “transfer” their new knowledge to primary school students.

The project was awarded official recognition from the government: Sponsorship from the National Authority for Children and Adolescents.

Information on the project and the application form for lessons can be found here: http://www.ludotecaregistro.it


  • Internet Festival

The Internet Festival, a multi-theme event dedicated to the Web and the digital revolution, that every yar is regularly held in Pisa (since 2011), cradle city of the Computer Science. The Internet Festival show how the use of new information technology and communications is the humus of the digital society that can transform the country into a breeding ground for development and the evolution of ideas, inventions, opportunities, products, services and start-ups that can also offer a potential future and way out of the crisis and direction for shared development.

The .it Registry, one of the event’s promoters, is every year present in the T-Tour thematic area dedicated to training with the Registry’s Ludoteca, and with .itCup, the Registry’s business competition.

All information is available at: http://www.internetfestival.it


  • .itCup

The External Relations, Media, Communication and Marketing promotes the innovation through the .itCup, the business competition of .it Registry. 

The itCup of Registro .it is a startup competition focused on new business ideas in the field of web technologies, from smartphone applications to Internet services, and the Internet of things.

One of the goals of Registro.it is to transfer knowledge in the ICT sector. itCup Registro has been devised specifically to help match new business ideas in the ICT sector with potential investors.

The startup competition has two main focuses: training for the structuring of business plans and pitches, and presentations to investors, in the course of an event that takes place every year within the Internet Festival in Pisa.

For more information see: www.itcupregistro.it