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Conference Management Service

The service includes the complete management, via Web, of one or more conferences. The system is based on the project "Open Conference Systems" of the" Public Knowledge Project" (http://pkp.sfu.ca/) and it has been adapted and personalized in order to be easy to use and effective. The main features are:

  • The definition of the main characteristics of the conference, such as conference timelines, conference tracks, calls for papers, user registrations, abstract e paper submissions, multiple-round review systems, email templates customizable for the messages of authors, directors and reviewers;

the possibility of defining diversified groups and access rights both for the conference management (conference manager and conference director), and the management of abstracts and papers, with the possibility of being the director of one or more tracks (track director) in order to manage (review, accept, reject, submit to other track directors, and so on) the articles pertaining to one’s own track.