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Computational Economy

In the last years the connections among algorithmics, game theory and economics got stronger and many specific themes arised which are of interest for the group. One research area concerns the use of concepts and techniques imported from Game Theory and Mechanism Design for the design and analysis of routing protocols when the network nodes behave in a strategic manner (i.e., driven only by economic interests). A second topic concerns the problem of the existence and computation of market equilibria. A third research area concerns models and algorithms for the online auction. Specifically, in the context of online auctions of advertising within the search results, a framework for simulations of  auctions and hypothetical strategic behaviors by advertisers had been built. Through the use of real data, extracted from the major search engines, it was possible to simulate the effects of certain behaviors at large and to bring out  problems and opportunities associated with the current technology for the advertising distribution on the web.



Research theme: Algorithms and Computational Mathematics