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Computational Biology


The objective of the research is the development of efficient and scalable algorithms for high throughput analysis of biological and genomic data, in order to help getting useful indication in a -highly competitive- timely manner. More precisely the areas of interest are: Simple and structured motif identification and extraction; Tandem repeat identification and extraction; Microarray Gene Expression Data Analysis; SNP Haplotyping Analysis; Metabolic Networks Analysis and Diseases and Gene Expression Profiling Classification. Furthermore, we aim to develop tools that allow the visualization and the analysis of raw and processed biological data.


Research theme: Algorithms and Computational Mathematics


Manuela Montangero

Foto di Manuela Montangero

Francesco Russo

Foto di Francesco Russo

Mariama El Baroudi

Foto di Mariama El Baroudi

Loredana Marialuisa Genovese

Foto di Loredana Marialuisa Genovese
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