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Cloud Computing Security

The increasing popularity of Cloud systems is due to the availability  of big computational power on demand for outsourcing the execution of heavy parts of business and research processes. As a matter of fact, Cloud services providers allow their users to exploit a proper set of resources for their computation only when they actually need them, paying a fee depending on the resources they actually consumed. Distinct Cloud service models have been defined by NIST depending on the kind of resources that are provided, and several big companies currently provide Cloud services, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft, and other.

Besides the aforementioned benefits, the adoption of Cloud computing to perform critical part of the business process introduces also some issues, the most notable of which is security.
This research activity is focused on the study of solutions for security issues in Cloud computing. In particolar, the main research topics investigated in this activity include the following: Identity Management and mechanisms for authentication and delegation in Cloud, access and usage control of Cloud services and resources, security aspects of virtualization, security and privacy of data shared in Cloud systems, Security as a Service: security of applications and data in Cloud systems.


Research theme: Trustworthy and Secure Future Internet


Aliaksandr Lazouski

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