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Accessibility and Usability of User Interfaces

When developing new applications and services in any knowledge domain it is essential for user interfaces to be simple and easy to use for all, including the differently-abled. The spread of mobile networks and the near-universal presence of cell phones now enable access to web content anytime, anywhere and under any conditions. Furthermore, as the median age of the user population rises, new challenges emerge such as developing e-services (e-health, e-government, etc.) and integrating disadvantaged or emarginated subjects (eLearning, social networks, etc.). Accessibility and usability are crucial for removing technological barriers and bridging the digital divide.


Research theme: Web Applications for the Future Internet


Alison Jane Frank

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Erico Perrone

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External Partecipants: Barbara Leporini
Seminars, Courses, Schools
Year IIT authors
Exploiting ICT technologies to sustain cognitive and sensory impaired people 2016
How WAI-ARIA works? 2014
Le raccomandazioni WAI ARIA 2014
“ABCD SW” – la metodologia A.B.A. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) nel percorso scolastico del bambino autistico 2013
ABCD SW (Autistic Behavior & Computer-based Didactic SW) 2012
“ABCD SW” – La metodologia A.B.A. (Applied Behaviour Analysis) nel percorso scolastico del bambino autistico 2012
Presentazione Workshop: Tecnologie informatiche per l’educazione e la riabilitazione - Workshop n. 4 del 3º Convegno Internazionale Autismi 2012
Presentazione ABCD SW - Internet Festival 2012 2012 Maria Claudia Buzzi
Social networks: opportunities and challenges for blind people 2012
Concept of an add-on tactile display for smart phones as a helping device for blind users 2012 Maria Claudia Buzzi
ABCD SW: Autistic Behavior & Computer-based Didactic Software 2012
Presentazione al Convegno ABCD SW del 15 ottobre 2011 - Motivazioni, Obiettivi del progetto ABCD SW 2011 Maria Claudia Buzzi
ABCD SW Demo - Convegno 15 ottobre 2011 2011 Maurizio Tesconi
Le RIA accessibili 2010 Maria Claudia Buzzi
WCAG 2.0: Tecniche Sufficienti per i livelli A e AA 2010 Marina Buzzi
Structured Audio Podcasts via Web Text-to-Speech System 2010
Improving interaction via screen reader using ARIA: an example. 2009