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IGF Italia 2009

We organized the first IGF Italy in October 2008, and  the second one in October 2009. Before these two meetings, we organized other national meetings about Internet Governance, since 2006, without using the IGF label. The main goals we tried to reach were:

- an impact on the public policy discussions and on national legislation and regulatory process.
Until now we reached a tangible sensitization of all stakeholders involved in IGF process, including government representatives. There is certainly space for further improvements, but the results just reached are appreciable compared with the previous period.

- a stronger relationship and exchange among our national relevant stakeholders.
In the events we just organized we involved different stakeholders in a debate/confrontation. The results is a remarkable development of Internet Governance national debate.



IGF Italia 2010

The third edition of the Internet Governance Forum Italia (IGF Italia) was held on 29 and 30 November 2010, in Rome, at the National Research Council (CNR), and it was sponsored and organized by the Province of Rome, CNR, NEXA Center for Internet and Society 'of the Polytechnic of Turin, the Italy Chapter of ISOC.

As in previous years, the IGF Italy has represented a relevant national debate on the issues of the Network, also in order to promote the participation of the Italian community to the European (EuroDIG) and international organizations (UN IGF) which deal the Governance of the Internet.

Organization of conferences and events


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