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The Future of Global Internet governance

CNR was involved in the Global Internet governance matters at international level since the ARPAnet times. Now, the IIT institute is the promoter, within CNR, of a new multi-disciplinary research project on Internet governance to study questions that are coming from the evolving needs of the global Internet and are connected to technical standardization, to resource allocation and assignment, to legal and regulatory matters, to public policy and societal issues, to technologies, practices and to the evolving needs of the global Internet. While we are coming from a technological background, we recognize that it is important to work with all stakeholders from all sectors to achieve the fullest benefits of the Internet for all participants in the global network.


Design, management and monitoring service of the .it Registry network infrastructure

The service carries out the design and management of the .it Registry network infrastructure. This includes its monitoring systems, geographical links, local network, routing architecture, data routing policies, as well as the equipments and operating systems through which the solutions for the connectivity requirements of the services offered by the Registry are implemented.


IPv6 Italia   

IPv6 Italia is the Italian chapter of the global IPv6 Forum. It operates through the Internet Society of Italy as a special interest working group. IPv6 Italia is a group comprised of members, as opposed to corporate sponsors. Its mission is to provide technical leadership and innovative thought for the successful integration of IPv6 into all facets of networking and telecommunications infrastructure, present and future.

ISOC Italia - Italy Chapter of the Internet Society

ISOC Italia

Società Intenet is the Italy Chapter of the Internet Society and acts primarily at the national level with the aim of spreading the culture of the Internet and of promoting the development of the technology. ISOC's mission is the development and universal dissemination of Internet. For more information browse here http://www.isoc.it


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ISOC Italia - Società Internet

ISOC Italia

Società Internet is the Italian chapter of the Internet Society; Società Internet deal with promoting the Internet and its culture, and defend its values and interests in political and business venues. For more information please surf on http://www.isoc.it


Centro di Competenza sulle Tecnologie Internet e l'Integrazione delle Reti e dei Servizi (3)

Publications and editorial products until 01/01/2016

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Presentations and Demos

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