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Semantify del.icio.us: automatically turn your tags into senses

At present tagging is experimenting a great diffusion as the most adopted way to collaboratively classify resources over the Web. In this paper, after a detailed analisys of the attempts made to improve the organization and structure of tagging systems as well as the usefulness of this kind of social data, we propose and evaluate the Tag Disambiguation Algorithm, mining del.icio.us data. It allows to easily semantify the tags of the users of a tagging service: it automatically finds out for each tag the related concept of Wikipedia in order to describe Web resources through senses. On the basis of a set of evaluation tests, we analyze all the advantages of our sense-based way of tagging, proposing new methods to keep the set of users tags more consistent or to classify the tagged resources on the basis of Wikipedia categories, YAGO classes or Wordnet synsets. We discuss also how our semanitified social tagging data are strongly linked to DBPedia and the datasets of the Linked Data community.

1st Social Data on the Web workshop (SDoW2008), Karlsruhe, 2008

Authors: M. Tesconi , F. Ronzano, A. Marchetti and S. Minutoli
IIT authors:

Francesco Ronzano

Foto di Francesco Ronzano

Type: Article in proceedings of international peer-reviewed conference
Field of reference: Information Technology and Communication Systems

Activity: Social and Semantic Web
Web of Data