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Solutions regarding reputation, collaboration and power-saving within MANETs

During my Ph.D I tackled various stringent matters of Mobile Ad hoc Networks (MANETs). Starting separately with trusting issues, then I moved on to collaboration and power-saving. Afterwards, I realised a stand alone protocol providing a combined solution of those aspects. In particular each issue has been deeply analysed and according to the recent related works, I proposed new solutions in order to enhance weak situations regarding the aforementioned fields. Finally, findings obtained were implemented in the Network Simulator 2 (NS2), and a variety of simulations provide evidence that solutions found are viable.

From 18/02/2011-11.30 to 18/02/2011-12.30 , Aula didattica dello IIT (Aula A32)

Speaker: Gianpiero Costantino

Responsible: Fabio Martinelli

Note: Currently, Mr. Gianpiero Costantino is a Ph.D. student but he submitted his Ph.D. thesis and he is waiting for the final exam. He obtained his master degree in July 2007 at the University of Catania, and in November he became Ph.D. student at the same University. Mr. Costantino, throughout his Ph.D., has been interested in various aspects within MANETs. In particular, he focused his research on: Reputation, Collaboration and Power-Saving. As Ph.D student Mr. Costantino attended a different conferences, summer schools and workshops. Also, he spent five months of its research activity at the University of Cambridge (UK).