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Mobile multimedia security over all-IP wireless heterogeneous networks

Current trends reveal that in the near future the convergence of most wireless systems will become reality over a common platform; that is IP, the Internet Protocol. In this heterogeneous network architecture multimedia delivery solutions will converge as well. While this convergence will create numerous possibilities for multimedia applications, it will also create security threats since end users will have a large number of operators to interact with in this multidomain environment.

This presentation focuses on security for multimedia delivery over all-IP wireless heterogeneous networks. The vulnerabilities analyzed in this presentation concern the privacy protection of end users when they roam through different administrative domains which are generally considered unknown or untrusted or both. The mechanisms proposed here can be perceived as two modules which can be used either in conjunction or individually. The first one includes two privacy enhanced secure handoff optimization schemes suitable for wireless heterogeneous networks which protect end user’s privacy while transferring context information necessary for fast re-authentication and service re-establishment to candidate networks. This context can carry almost every type of information whether this is related to security material or other data required for system and application configuration. The second module is a framework, named PrivaSIP, with a number of variations depending on privacy and performance requirements and is limited to the application layer since it protects end users’ identity privacy in the SIP protocol. The combination of these two modules can be realized with the inclusion of SIP re-authentication and re-configuration information into the aforementioned context. The proposed schemes are compared to existing solutions based on well defined criteria; for PrivaSIP an extensive series of experiments were conducted on an appropriately designed testbed in order to measure its performance.

From 17/11/2010-15.00 to 17/11/2010-15.00 , Aula didattica dello IIT (Aula A32)

Responsible: Fabio Martinelli

Note: Giorgos Karopoulos is currently a Postdoc research fellow at the Security Group of IIT-CNR, with a fellowship from ERCIM. Prior to that, he taught “Information and Communication Systems Security” at graduate level at the University of the Aegean. He holds a diploma in Information and Communication Systems Engineering, a MSc in Information and Communication Systems Security and a PhD in Computer Networks Security, all from the University of the Aegean, department of Information and Communication Systems Engineering. His research focus is in mobile multimedia security, Next Generation Networks security, SIP security and lately Public Safety Communications security.