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IEEE International Symposium on Policies for Distributed Systems and Networks (Policy 2011)

The symposium brings together researchers and practitioners working on policy-based systems across a wide range of application domains including policy-based networking, privacy, trust and security management, autonomic computing, pervasive systems and enterprise systems. POLICY 2011 is the 12th in a series of successful events, which have provided a forum for discussion and collaboration between researchers, developers and users of policy-based systems.

In addition to the areas mentioned above, we specifically encourage this year contributions on policy-based techniques in support of Cloud computing and Enterprise Service Oriented applications as well as the use of reasoning, verification and learning techniques in policy based systems.


From 06/06/2011 to 08/06/2011

Partecipant units: Local Organizing Committee Chair: Adriana Lazzaroni (IIT CNR), Local Organization: Patrizia ANdronico, Raffaella Casarosa, Gabriele Costa, Marinella Petrocchi (IIT CNR)