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Regional Informatics Network for Africa (RINAF Project): status and objectives - Eldoret, Kenya, February 1997

The RINAF Project of UNESCO IIP was aimed at developing informatic infrastructures and Internet connections in several universities of the African continent.

Adriana Lazzaroni was a member of the CNUCE CNR Technical Unit in charge with the project development.

The presentation has taken place in the framework of the "RINAF Regional training course for Internet system administrators" hald at the Faculty of Information Sciences at Moi University in Eldoret, Kenya. The training course, one of the five african regional training courses foreseen by the Project,  was aimed at training Internet system administrators belonging to the RINAF nodes of eas Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Ethiopia). This nucleus of Internet system administrators will be in charge with the installation, management and maintenance of the RINAF nodes belonging to the region of East Africa. They will also be committed to spread their acquired networking knowledge to other users belonging to their own research institutions and to other universities of Kenya.