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Analysis of the Internet Structure at the Autonomous System level of Abstraction: the role of Intenet Exchange Points on a worldwide scale and outside Europe

A detailed view of the Internet topology at the Autonomous System level of abstrac- tion is crucially important to developments on network planning, optimal routing algorithms and failure detection measures. Many topological models have been pro- posed to generate Internet Autonomous System (AS) graphs: nevertheless it is fun- damental to know how Internet AS - level datasets are built, which tools are used to achieve this objective and what are the factors that could bias this measurements. That justifies why starting Chapters point out retrieval techniques describing the pros and cons of each dataset considered. This thesis provides two main contribu- tions: it proposes the use of more than a single dataset for studying Internet AS - level features (datasets gathered from different projects are first compared and then merged in order to obtain a more detailed view of Internet graph); it presents a new framework to assign geographical information to Autonomous Systems. The latter topic will be widely used to describe how Internet graph shows different features in relation to geographical scope on which graph analysis is focusing. In particular, this thesis will describe Internet properties at global scope, at regional scope and at country scope: for each continent it will be provided a brief description of main factors that guide local Internet evolution, then it will be described a closer exam- ination of two o three most significant countries of each Extra - European region. A complementary work has been developed by Alessandro Improta [Imp09], who focused on the most important European countries.

Università di Pisa - Facoltà di Ingegneria, Corso di Laurea Specialistica in Ingegneria Informatica
Academic year 2008/2009
Laurea liv.II (specialistica)

Author: Chiara Orsini

State: terminata