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Mobile Social Networking

Mobile Social Networks are formed by mobile devices of users that form self-organising, on-demand networks largely exploiting proximity between users. MSNs enhance the concept of conventional Online Social Networks (such as Facebook), as they can also capture transient communities of users sharing common interests and goals for a limited amount of time and in a well defined physical area. Key enablers for MSNs are opportunistic networking techniques, modelling of users' mobility patterns, and schemes for efficient data dissemination. In all of these areas, social-awareness has proved a key contextual information, as it allows to overcome network instability and to predict future transmission opportunities by exploiting information on the relationships between users. Thus, in MSNs the social dimension is not only limited to the types of enabled applications, but it is a peculiar feature of the enabling networking solutions. In this talk we discuss the main research challenges for enabling Mobile Social Networks, and describe our four-year activity on social-aware user mobility, message forwarding, and content dissemination.

From 22/09/2010-14.30 to 22/09/2010-14.30 , Area della Ricerca CNR - Aula IIT A32

Speaker: Chiara Boldrini